Hi, I’m Kristie.

Lifestyle brands are my thing. I love to create brands that your customers want to live and breathe in. Whether designing your workspace or homeplace, building your brand or designing and producing your purposeful event, our hallmark is being able to find your brand truth and tell that unique story.

A career spent in luxury travel, hospitality, event planning & branding taught me that creating an experience is what it is all about. Whether retail, service, food, coffee or otherwise, your brand has to create an experience that they can’t get anywhere else – and that turns them into ambassadors. And, with that…we can help.

“Mix one part experience with one part passion and add a dash of stardust!”

We have all the ingredients like good strategy, compelling design, social media, our own lifestyle media hub, business coaching, collaborative events, our own gathering place, retail shop & marketing hub called The Local, pop-up markets and more, and we sprinkle in all the glitter and stardust to bring life to your brand. It’s my passion, and I’ve made a career of it.

what exactly do we do?

We’re ambassadors for your brand.

Through strategic marketing + branding, live events, collabs, promotion, and even our own proprietary lifestyle hub, we bring life to your brand in a way that creates an experience. It’s that experience that turns visitors into ambassadors.

We’ve been designing brands, collabbing with like brands and creating purposeful experiences since 2006.

“…And the rest is rust

and stardust” – Kristie Christensen

a few of my favorite things…

02. Homestead Trading Company

our custom mercantile & private label shoppe located in downtown canton, texas

04. Collaborative Events

from vendor markets to tastings, to supper club, pop ups and bespoke events, we know how to bring people together to build their brands

01. The Local – Lifestyle Hub

advertise with us here and tell your brand story to the people who need to hear it.

03. Branding + Design

from strategy to logos to merchandise + everything in between.

05. Private Label Merch

from candles to bags to biz cards, signage, stickers, charcuterie boards + more.

let’s talk about it.

Sometimes all we need is a little time to talk things through. We need a minute to commiserate with like-minded businesses so that we know we’re all in this together. Not every brand kicks off with all the graphic bells and whistles. Where to start can sometimes be the trickiest part. I can help with that.

I can sit down with you to talk pros + cons, to talk about all the business start-up flotsam, to affirm that you are not, indeed, crazy for wanting to do this, and to be your cheerleader the whole way to the finish line. It’s what I do. I’m here for you. Let’s talk it through.

We can work out a budget for coaching based on the size and scope of your business.

xoxo – Kristie

Want to Create an event?

We’re all about the Collab

We have spent a career creating events that bring people together with the brands they love through the power of networking + creativity. Working with like-minded pros to achieve the greater good is quite empowering and rewarding. We’re just the team to create those collabs.

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