About Misti Goodson & The Rustic Table

Bon Appetit, I’m Misti. Let’s share a table.

Since she was a young child, her grandmother played a pivotal role in modeling her into the amazing wife, mother and community-centered human she now is.

“Every Good Recipe begins with a Stick of Butter.”

She remembers a lifetime spent at her grandmother’s gathering table; hearing stories, licking the spoon, gathering wisdom and taking copious mental notes about all the ingredients that her grandmother mixed to perfection.

Misti founded The The Rustic Table with a mission to bring families back to the table to share time together all while enjoying healthy-but-delicious meals. She just makes it a bit easier by preparing it for them.

Misti, as she describes it, likes to “love on her friends and family by cooking for them.” And that…she does.

A truly farm-to-table experience in every bite, Misti has created the perfect recipe for loving on her community by curating the best ingredients, stirring in her from-scratch philosophy and garnishing it all with a love for cooking that only a grandmother can instill in you.