SHE IS WHISKEY IN A TEACUP – Our Bodacious Retail Brand for Southern Girl Bosses


What is this SHE IS WHISKEY IN A TEACUP, and what the heck does it have to do with KRISTIE CHRISTENSEN?

When Kristie relocated her life and business from the hustle/bustle of Dallas and out to Wills Point, Texas, she literally rediscovered herself. She read the words “SHE IS WHISKEY IN A TEACUP” and those became her personal and brand mantra. She felt that there was no better way to put her into words than these, and it just stuck. What started as a fun little tagline to define herself and her businesses became her brand and life mantra.

The brand took on a life of its own. It became a retail mecca. We had a bricktop storefront in our little downtown, we produced VENDOR MARKETS where our Sisters in Business could peddle their designs and things, we created custom designs that were specific to this brand, and we HAVEN’T. STOPPED. SINCE.

We like to define this brand as a dare to be EXTRAORDINARY. We literally tagged it “WHERE MARIE ANTOINETTE MEETS ANNIE GET YOUR GUN” because it…well, ahem…is. We’re the perfect blend of bubbling champagne and strong whiskey, and it defines our daily grind, our general style AND our approach to branding. It even inspired the design, style & name of our own wedding and event venue CHAMPAGNE RANCH.

So, who is She is Whiskey in a Teacup? We’re a POWER BRAND that EMPOWERS Southern Girl Bosses.

We’re a State of Mind. A declaration. She is Whiskey in a Teacup is a society of Fearless, Wayward, Pure Hearted, Soul Drenched Wonders Who Run Barefoot into the Fire in Life & Business. Our crazy headquarters sits atop the 5-acre French Farmhouse of CHAMPAGNE RANCH in Wills Point where we run our attitude-drenched, Chippy/Shabby Barntique, B&B and Venue where the only business at hand is sipping Whiskey out of Teacups and engaging in Southern Girl Boss chatter about riding out at Sunset in sequin-coated chaps with All Guns Blazin’. We’re Marie Antoinette meets Annie Get Your Gun. We’re Old West Paris. We’re Gun-Smoked. We’re Darling Desperados. We’re Posh Pariahs.

We’re Top Knots, Double Shots & Coffee Pots. We’re FrouFrou Fraulines. We’re Joie de Vintage. We’re Country Couture. We’re French Kissed. We’re Pink Champagne. We’re Pretty Little Outlaws. We’re Whiskey in Teacups served on Tarnished Silver Platters. We’re Feathered in Top Hats & Leathered in Corsets. We’re Draped in Crystals. We’re layered in Lace. We’re dripping in Pearls. We’re slathered with Rust. We’re Vintage Champagne Flutes bubbling with creativity. We’re devil-may-care designers of Ranch Style Threads, Bodacious Bijou & Rummaged Regalia. We’re Grit & Grace meets Pearls & Lace.We’re a Powerhouse Southern Girlboss brand running our own Wild West Boujee Retail, Wedding Show and B+B. We peddle our She is Whiskey in a Teacup Merchandise online…and sometimes out at Canton.