How did all of this get started?


Owner Kristie Christensen is the common denominator. The Company Namesake. The Brand Trailblazer. The creative glue, we all say. And this agency is the culmination of her more than 20 years absorbing life and using that experience to turn ideas into authentic brands, boutiques, custom apparel + giftable design, promotional items and purposeful events. Her career began in hotels, planning weddings and running sales & marketing while nabbing her marketing degree. So she knows a thing or twelve about creating and taking brands to market and creating promotional outlets and events to build ambassadors for those brands. And some 20+ years later, all of that would become the center of the ring with her as the Ringmaster of this Wild West, Down South Creative Circus. 

When Kristie relocated her life and business from the hustle/bustle of Dallas and out to Wills Point, Texas, she literally rediscovered herself. She read the words “SHE IS WHISKEY IN A TEACUP” and those became her personal and brand mantra. She felt that there was no better way to put her into words than these, and it just stuck. What started as a fun little tagline to define herself and her businesses became her brand and life mantra in addition to a full on boutique brand. The reason we bring this up is because it forms the foundation of Kristie’s branding & business philosophy, and it drives every brand she builds and project she touches.  In fact, Kristie’s whole brand revolves around the notion that every brand and every person behind that brand are one in the same. SHE IS her brand. So, just like Kristie’s personal and brand metaphor that She is Whiskey in a Teacup, she coaches every client to determine who She is…and…in turn…that is where she will find her brand’s essence.


Kristie is a fearless, chronic entrepreneur who lives life to its fullest, and she considers every moment spent a form of inspiration for everything she does. A true brandaholic, some might say that her love for creating brands could use its own 12 step…but she gives them a wink, runs with arms wide open to that creative bottle (hopefully Pink Champagne)…and she drinks. 

And Kristie is legit. She spent a full career building luxury brands in the travel, hospitality and events space, and it’s in those industries where creativity lives. She brands. That what she does. She brands for our customers and for our own powerhouse brands, and our customers half hire her for her experience and half hire her for her unbridled passion for telling their stories and sprinkling what she calls her Stardust all over those stories and designs.  She has always handled all the brands with complete creative reckless abandon…and she does it well. Her killer combo lies in her ability to wrap creative design in a warm blanket of good strategy, authentic messaging and a true passion for your brand…not to mention that she’s really cool to work with.

She likes to say that she is right brained with left brain tendencies. So, she’s great at helping you get started with all the nuts and bolts flotsam (like getting the right certificates, selecting names that work for web and social, crafting a business/marketing plan, etc.) and then tossing a little gold glitter on your vision with design. And, if you aren’t sure where to start or what to call your new venture, she and her growing team can help with that, too!

So, if creativity and authenticity are your vibe, let her help you build your brand.


Having spent much of her career in the hospitality and events industries with an actual stint as a Wedding/Catering Manager for a full service hotel, Kristie has a penchant for creating unique, memorable outside the box events and designing for those events. From theme development to collateral, event signage, PR and social media efforts, SWAG and printed items, and even drill sergeant on the event floor, she can turnkey the process. Her specialty is designing an event and building a theme that reinforces the purpose of the gathering. She even produces spectacularly Southern weddings – all with their own unique flair. She will take your Pinterest Board and sprinkle creative stardust all over it. Just ask. There is a good possibility that the answer will be yes. She has even run her own Wedding Venue called Champagne Ranch, and she is about to build another one on the front portion of her 10 Acres in true French/Country style.


From custom embroidery, tees, SWAG & promotional items to business cards, stationery, signage and more, Kristie and the team can design almost anything. We are a full service creative print shop. We can even laser engrave custom charcuteries, specialty gifts, merchandise for boutiques and more. We can personalize just about anything you wish to tell your brand story, while ensuring that the message is front and center. Need a corporate logo embroidered onto shirt, bags, other swag? We can handle it. We even design custom bridal apparel for bridesmaids, bachelorette parties, showers and more. Looking for a special way to invite your bridesmaids to stand beside you? We design custom bridal boxes for just that occasion.

Hey, Friend…it’s Kristie.

What they say above is true. I am a brandaholic. It’s my passion. It drives me. Building my own businesses and telling the stories of others literally enriches my soul. We all had to start somewhere, and my journey began more than 20 years ago in sales, marketing and events. I’m awarded the luxury of being well traveled in my career and am blessed to have collabbed with and been inspired by some of the best in the business. ALL OF THAT came with me when I launched Kristie Christensen, when I developed my boutique – SHE IS WHISKEY IN A TEACUP ,when we opened our own wedding venue and B&B, Champagne Ranch, and as we embark on our next journey with our SOON-TO-BE French Barn Wedding Venue – WILD BLEUE. We even run our own print and design shop, where we dream it up AND produce it for you.


We like to call our brands power brands, because whether we’re talking about our own brands or the brands we build for our customers, they are powered by passion and EMPOWERED by inspiration, collaboration and a deep-rooted desire for authenticity and customer centricity. We encourage our customers to find their own truth…discover what the soul of their business is…and tell that story to the right audiences using the best marketing tools. We’re storytellers. That’s who we are. And we just so happen to be really good at it.


Our team believes in the notion that the best brands are the ones that become a lifestyle that customers want to live and breathe in, and that is just what we create in every brand we touch. We’re more than just logos and web sites – we’re a branding paradigm. If we love you, your customers will love you. We will make good and sure of that.


— kristie —