HATC and the City – It’s…Carrie Bradshaw BIG.

This is “BIG”! It’s Carrie Bradshaw at New York Fashion Week big. In fact, it’s nothing short of poetic for the hospitality industry…the industry that never sleeps…to host an event themed after the City that Never Sleeps with HATC’s 2021 CASINO NIGHT – HATC AND THE CITY. 

Casino Night is one of the most anticipated industry events, and this year we are taking a bite out of the big apple! Don your Sequins, Manolos and Louboutins (or boots, this is Texas) and your Mr. Big or Ms. Bradshaw, and join us for this over the top industry event at Hilton DFW Lakes.  From our 5000 square foot Casino Floor to our New York themed Selfie Stations, Silent Auction and New York Club scene vignettes, this event will NOT disappoint.

Kristie Christensen Creative has our stiletto print all over this event from theme development and design to sponsorship with our creative Fashion Week shoppable runway and hot pink velvet goodie bags. In fact, since 2010, we’ve worked alongside this team on EVERY Annual Casino Night they’ve produced…and it has been a BLAST!

We’ve been blessed to work alongside the Hotel Association of Tarrant County for over a decade as their marketing agency of record, and their fearless leader, Julie Faver-Dylla, literally wrote the proverbial book on association management and member growth. It has been a joy and an honor to work with this amazing group for all of these years.

DO NOT MISS this year’s event. We’re taking a bite out of the Big Apple…in Tarrant County fashion.

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