Creators Gonna Create.

Creativity is hard to define and it manifests itself in countless ways. I used to think that everyone was at some level creative, and I do believe that all humans have that tendency; but organically creative people possess certain qualities that can be both revolutionary and debilitating at the same time. It’s more than just something that happens when they’re inspired. They find inspiration in every corner and with every breath, and it never shuts down. Those are the artists and creators with whom you need to work if you want a deeper connection to your dream, your theme, your brand or your vision. That’s who we are. Giving authentically creative people a vision is like tossing them into the gauntlet, and we can design joust with the best of them. You don’t hire Kristie Christensen if you want a cute event or wedding design or pretty brand. You hire Kristie Christensen if you want the event to truly tell your story or bring your dream to life. We’re that detailed. We’re that good. We’re that creative.

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