CHAMPAGNE RANCH – Our Wedding Venue


Welcome to Champagne Ranch, the Gathering Place for out-of-the-box weddings + events. Champagne Ranch is an inspired venue. It’s hard to define, but we have a LOT of words to describe it. For starters, we’re not just another barn wedding venue. We push the envelope on…well…everything, and we pride ourselves on a turnkey approach to your event whether conservative our completely wheels off.

We’re Joie de Vintage. We’re Country Couture. We’re French Kissed. We’re Pink Champagne. We’re Pretty Little Outlaws. We’re Whiskey in Teacups served on Tarnished Silver Platters. We’re Feathered in Top Hats & Leathered in Corsets. We’re Draped in Crystals. We’re layered in Lace. We’re dripping in Pearls. We’re slathered with Rust. We’re Barn Dance Disco Globes. We’re Pancho & Lefty drinking Cristal out of Sombreros. We’re Rusty Chandelier-draped trees. We’re Fire Pits & Fireflies. We’re Cabernet by Starlight. We’re Wayward, Whimsical Weddings. We’re Envelope-Pushing Events. We’re Cognac-Dipped Cigars. We’re Swanky Grooms. We’re Boujee Barn Sales. We’re Soirees & Shindigs. We’re Posh Nosh. We’re Billowing Bed Pillows. We’re Charcuteries & Chardonnay. We’re Vintage Champagne Flutes bubbling with creativity. We’re Devil-May-Care Designers of Over-the-top (or simple – it’s up to you) Events, Custom Gifts & Overnight Stays. We’re Grit & Grace meets Pearls & Lace.

So, we like words. They really tell our story. But, in simpler terms, we’re a 5-acre French Farmhouse Venue, B+B & Boujee Boutique where the only business at hand is not actually producing out-of-the-box weddings and events but crushing the box and tossing it into the burn pile.

Whether planning a wedding, hosting an event, organizing a girl’s weekend, planning a party or just looking for an amazing place to shop, CHAMPAGNE RANCH is the perfect gathering place to bring people together in life and business if your vibe is unforgettable experiences. You can Sip, Shop Stay & Say ‘I do’ all under one roof. We’re unlike any other venue, and if celebrating beauty, creativity, inspiration and all things unique are your things, then we’re the venue for you.