BEAUCOUP – Kristie’s brazen approach to home & fashion


Pop, Fizz, Clink! Cheers to Kristie Christensen’s lifelong love affair with entertaining. Some might say that Kristie would make a theme of taking a basic bath. Well, we won’t go there, but she has. But, we digress. Kristie’s great joy is in bringing people together. Whether by introducing people to the brands she builds for businesses or simply hosting a party or a supper club, her life’s mantra is collaboration, and she’s made a career of it. She creates recipes, she designs spaces and she will dress you to the nines, and she does it all with the reckless abandon that might be found at a luncheon with Marie Antoinette and Calamity Jane.

Now, this is a mouthful, but here is…ahem…in a few words…how Kristie describes herself and her brands…

We’re a State of Mind. A declaration. A society of Fearless, Wayward, Pure Hearted, Soul Drenched Wonders Who Run Barefoot into the Fire in Life & Business. We run our attitude-drenched, Chippy/Shabby Brand where the only business at hand is sipping Whiskey out of Teacups and engaging in Southern Girl Boss chatter about riding out at Sunset in sequin-coated chaps with All Guns Blazin’. We’re Marie Antoinette meets Annie Get Your Gun. We’re Old West Paris. We’re Gun-Smoked. We’re Darling Desperados. We’re Posh Pariahs. We’re Top Knots, Double Shots & Coffee Pots. We’re FrouFrou Fraulines. We’re Joie de Vintage. We’re Country Couture. We’re French Kissed. We’re Pink Champagne. We’re Pretty Little Outlaws. We’re Whiskey in Teacups served on Tarnished Silver Platters. We’re Feathered in Top Hats & Leathered in Corsets. We’re Draped in Crystals. We’re layered in Lace. We’re dripping in Pearls. We’re slathered with Rust. We’re Vintage Champagne Flutes bubbling with creativity. We’re devil-may-care designers of Ranch Style Threads, Bodacious Bijou & Rummaged Regalia. We’re Grit & Grace meets Pearls & Lace. We’re a Powerhouse Southern BossBrand running our own Wild West Boujee Retail, Wedding Show and B+B. We design boujee brands, we peddle our She is Whiskey in a Teacup Merchandise, and we design one-of-a-kind weddings and soirees at our own venue or at yours…

She likes to say that she is “roughly refined.” Her retail brand, SHE IS WHISKEY IN A TEACUP, tells this story with the tagline – Old West Paris meets Annie Get your Gun. She would say that it defines her across the board – across all her service areas. She has a penchant for pomp and circumstance and all the etiquette rights and wrongs, but she also embraces the notion that events, brands & style is all about a personal story – an inner truth – and her job is to undress that.

You can hire Kristie to build your lifestyle brand. I mean, she has more than 20 years experience in creating, designing and telling brand stories. You can also hire her to produce a wedding or event. Not only does she own her own wedding venue over at CHAMPAGNE RANCH where she can host your amazing event, she creates and curates weddings & soirees for clients anywhere in Texas. Outside the box? Hardly. She crushes the box and tosses it into the burn pile – which happens to be the firepit in the round where she and her team brainstorm how to produce BEAUCOUP events.